Garbage Delight – Another helping . UB5217


Garbage Delight – Another helping

Dennis Lee

Key Porter Kids publication. Canadian edition


Used book , looks almost new .

Pages: 48

Hard bound edition

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Garbage Delight full-colour illustrations and 17 brand-smacking-new poems for kids.

Garbage Delight: Another Helping is somewhat gentler than the original with a series of lighter lyrical poems replacing the fisticuffs and madcap zaniness of the original. Gone are Frank Newfeld’s illustrations and the original book’s longer poems, including the raucous “Bloody Bill.” The original’s themed poems about three lost toys have given way to wonderful homages to Mother Goose nursery rhymes. Lee nods again to Milne in his lovely “Mary Jane and the Big Snow” as he does in poems from the original including “Half Way Dressed” and “Being Five.” Young readers will find themselves treated to heaping helpings of “Mulligan Stew,” which sets like cement, grows hair on a shoe, and even helps remove unsightly tattoos! Continuing his tradition of adding new spinoffs from “Alligator Pie,” Lee has added “Alligator Song,” including Phil Balsam’s sprightly music. Old fans will find Lee as striking a wordsmith as ever; new readers are sure to become fast friends.


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