Arthur’s Tractor . Pippa Goodhart . UB5216


Arthur’s Tractor

Pippa Goodhart

Bloomsbury publication. UK edition


Used book , slight damage on spine ,inside pages looks almost new .

Pages: 26

Hard bound edition

Delivery : 7 to 14 working days (Delivery inside India only)


This work is suitable for readers of age 3 and above. ‘Arthur’s tractor ploughed up and down, chugga thrum, chugga thrum, chugga, chugga . CRASH!’ Poor Arthur! However much he oils and twists and sharpens, there always seems to be something wrong with his tractor. But Arthur is concentrating so hard on his tractor that he doesn’t notice a very exciting magical story that is happening all around him! Huge amounts of detail in this entertaining picture book mean that on each re-reading the reader will discover something new. It is perfect for children who love machines – and fairy tales!


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