646 . Little Jack Rabbit’s Adventures – David Cory


Little Jack Rabbit’s Adventures

David Cory


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Little Jack Rabbit’s Adventures

Excerpt :

It was a wild story that came to the ears of Little Jack Rabbit for, as he came hopping down the Shady Forest Path, a whole troop of his playmates ran out to meet him, and one cried one thing, and one another, but the words which he heard most plainly were:

“The railroad! The railroad! Oh, have you heard?”

“Yes,” answered Little Jack Rabbit, not at all excited, “I know a railroad is going to run past the Sunny Meadow.”

“Oh, but that’s nothing! It’s going to run right through your house!” cried Busy Beaver.

“Right through the Old Bramble Patch!” shouted Chippy Chipmunk.

“Right through your front door!” screamed Gray Squirrel.


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