604. Mrs. PETER RABBIT  -Thornton W. Burgess



Thornton W. Burgess


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Pages: 158

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Something is definitely wrong with Peter Rabbit . . . he has no appetite! Deciding he is terribly lonely, Peter sets off to visit some friends in the Old Pasture but instead finds himself narrowly escaping the clutches of Hooty Owl, experiencing a nasty encounter with Jed Thumper (a big gray rabbit) and eventually staring right into the soft, gentle eyes of Miss Fuzzytail. Before you know it, Peter has a new bride!
Children will love sharing the adventures of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Rabbit as they start a new ― and often precarious ― life together in the Dear Old Briar-Patch. As they enjoy the story, youngsters absorb gentle lessons about nature, wildlife, and simple human virtues. Eight charming new illustrations, based on the originals by Harrison Cady, enhance this delightful tale,  easy-to-read type.



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