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Smart doc – the pioneer creators of dental awareness posters, aiming at dental patient motivation and education by the doctors, was established in the year 2003 by Dr.Sujan K.Babu.

Over the years Smart doc Posters team have developed dental patient education/ motivation modules for creating general dental awareness among the public through dental surgeons.

‘Smart doc Posters’ is a project initiated and developed by Doctors, members of the Indian dental association. Our matter for posters & other modules are prepared and translated by a panel of eminent doctors. Smart doc Posters and associated patient education modules always maintain the quality, contents and is updated every 2 years.

The R & D team of doctors at Smart doc Posters is on a constant research for developing new dental patient education products, we invite your valuable suggestions and needs.

“More than 20,000 doctors are using Smart doc Posters and our products!






Comics – Golden age Comics

The years 1940’s -1990’s can be said as the ‘Golden Age of Comics ‘  . From many available old comic collections , we have scanned and digitally re-mastered these comics , and reprinted them in Superior quality art paper ,for you comic lovers ! This is indeed a ‘treasure chest’ to the genuine comic lover !


Classics  – How our classic novels differ from others

Haven’t you felt cheated ,when you order your favourite classic novel  online and find it with minute size letters jammed in ,making it a tiresome reading experience ?!

Haven’t you longed to read your favourite classics in larger fonts with ample paragraph spacing ?… Well, this is just what we have for you !…

These are our speciality features which ensures the Ultimate ‘reading in comfort’ experience !  :-

1.Our first highlight is the vast use of space. The letters are in 12 size or 11.5 size font, (except for some big novels like ‘Count of Monte Cristo’  we have used 11 size and presented as a 3 volume edition !) With ample spacing  between lines & paragraphs.

  1. More number of pages
  2. The book size is almost 2 cms. larger ( length wise & breadth wise) than the usual novel size .
  1. These paper back editions ,are printed in High quality (natural shade) light weight paper.
  2. Designer covers .

Online discount offers !

Online discount offers  are available for all comics & classics ,and we also provide ‘combo set’ discount offers !


In most sites you have to pay shipping charge for each book , and most of us shun away due to the huge shipping charge !But at ‘comics & classics’ we keep the shipping charge constant at Rs. 60 !  If you order 1 book or a hundred books the shipping charge is Rs. 60 /- only ,anywhere in India !






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