SELF PRINTABLE LEAFLETS  for pt. motivation  and after treatment instructions.



29 leaflets for pt. motivation  and after treatment instructions.

These are Custom made: We deliver it with your clinic details printed !

Using your clinic desk top printer you can take print outs and hand it out to your patients.

As for the patient motivation part,you can talk well about it,

but ,…something should remain in the patient’s hand when they reach back home.

Something they doesn’t throw away !….

So that ,they can read it carefully ,understand , and come back to you for treatment.

Just hand out these print out leaflets to your patient to see the magic of motivation!


Leaflets are (A-4 size) (black & white) . Supplied as pdf files.

These leaflets serves two purposes:

  1. After treatment instructions to the patient.
  2. Motivation for further treatment.

After placing the order , you can mail us your logo and details to be placed in the leaflets to:


 We have also provided an additional folder featuring:- before and after treatment images which can be shown to the pt. in your pc monitor.







List of printable leaflets (in MALAYALAM)  


LF-01. The need to replace missing teeth

The problems that will occur if missing teeth are not replaced in time. + photograph of a missing tooth area and after it has been replaced with a ceramic crown and bridge.

LF-02. Ceramic & Metal free  Ceramic  Crowns

-Ceramic  Crowns  – how they are fixed (illustration)

– Advantages of Metal free  Ceramic  Crowns  over ordinary Ceramic  Crowns

LF-03. Dental implants

-How dental implants are fixed (illustration)+Parts of a dental implant +Before and after treatment photos

LF-04. Flexible dentures

-Comparing Flexible dentures with ordinary dentures.

LF-05. Caring your ceramic crowns

– Important Tips for Ceramic  Crown and bridge users

LF-06. Tips for removable denture users  + How to care dentures?

LF-07. Why do orthodontic treatment ?

– The need to do orthodontic treatment+Frequently asked doubts in orthodontic treatment +Before and after treatment photos

LF-08. Care to be taken during orthodontic treatment

LF-09 .Dental caries

– Occurrence and progression if left untreated ( illustration)

LF-10 . Root canal treatment

– Root canal treatment procedure ( illustration)

LF-11 . Tooth coloured composite fillings

Treating enamel abrasion +Broken tooth repair + Old amalgam fillings replaced with composite + Closing gaps between teeth using tooth coloured composite fillings .

LF-12 . Care after fillings

-Care after fillings  +  Care after  composite fillings

LF-13 . Gum disease

-Progression of Gum disease if left untreated

LF-16 . Dental problems in diabetic patients + Oral care

– Dental problems in diabetic patients and the oral hygiene techniques  to be followed.

LF-18 . Scaling

-The necessity of doing Scaling ,once in 6 months. + explains the fact that scaling is not at all harmful to the tooth enamel.+ Photographs of before and after scaling , and teeth with heavy calculus deposits.

LF-19 . The right way to do Brushing.

LF-20 . Dental Flossing  –The right way

LF-21 . Care to be taken before tooth removal

LF-22 . Care after tooth removal

LF-23 . Child Dental Care -How to maintain good oral health in children.

– Child Dental Care  & How to prevent dental caries by applying  pit & fissure sealants, proper brushing and scaling + Preventing future malalignment of teeth in children by using space maintainers.

LF-24 . Pit and fissure sealants

-How to prevent dental caries in children,by applying  pit & fissure sealants

LF-25 . Space maintainers

– How to prevent future malalignment of teeth in children by using space maintainers.

LF-27 . Dental bleaching

Described are: Tray bleaching + Laser bleaching + Before and after treatment photographs .

LF-28 . veneers

-what are dental veneers +Illustration on how a veneer is fixed to the tooth+ Before and after treatment photographs .

LF-29 . Dental problems if left untreated may cause heart disease

– Dental problems if left untreated may cause heart disease and damage to various body organs.

LF-30 . Dental care during pregnancy

-The do’s and don’t s on oral care during pregnancy .

LF-31 . Points to note before taking medicines

– Points to note before taking medicines and also highlights the fact that self medication is dangerous!

LF-32 . Golden rules for good oral health

LF-33 . Covid 19 safety precautions



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