Inferno (Robert Langdon Series -4) . Dan Brown . UB5046



(Robert Langdon Series -4)

First Published: 2013

Dan Brown


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Pages: 620

Paper back edition

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‘Inferno’ is the fourth in Dan Brown’s outstanding series of books featuring the character Robert Langdon.

Inspired by the poem of the same name about a man’s journey into the depths of hell, the major focus of Inferno includes deciphering some mysterious lines that can only be solved by Robert’s intellect.

Despite a contrived beginning where Robert suffers from short term amnesia, the research conducted into a centuries old poem, the magnificent daydream setting of Florence, and the historical references of major artifacts is a literary feast for your senses.

As Dan Brown’s trademark, Inferno takes us through famous museums, old crypts and celebrated tourist spots, where Robert’s knowledge of symbolism, secret passages, and historical secrets may flourish.



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