620. The Tale of Ferdinand Frog – Arthur Scott Bailey


The Tale of Ferdinand Frog

Arthur Scott Bailey


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It was a long way to Farmer Green’s from the Beaver pond where Ferdinand Frog made his home. But he felt that he simply must see that picture which Mr. Crow said looked like him. So he started out just before sunset.One thing, at least, about his journey pleased him: he could make the trip by water-and he certainly did hate travelling on land.Luckily the stream that trickled its way below the Beaver dam led straight to Swift River. And everybody who knew anything was aware that Swift River ran right under the bridge not far from the farmhouse.So Mr. Frog leaped spryly into the brook and struck out downstream.

He had caught sight of a dark, long-nosed fish lying among some weeds. And he decided suddenly that he would finish his journey by land.



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