Tintin – The Black Island


Tintin – The Black Island



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The Adventures of Tintin  is a series of 24 comics created by Belgian cartoonist Georges Remi, who wrote under the pen name Hergé.

Its hero is Tintin, a courageous young Belgian reporter and adventurer aided by his faithful dog Snowy . Other allies include the brash and cynical Captain Haddock, the intelligent but hearing-impaired Professor Calculus , and the incompetent yet funny detectives Thomson and Thompson .

Its well-researched plots straddle the action-adventure and mystery genres and draw upon themes of politics, history and technology, offset by moments of slapstick comedy.


Tintin – The Black Island

First published:1937

Tintin witnesses a plane land in the Belgian countryside, and is shot by the pilot when he offers his help. While he recovers in hospital, detectives Thomson and Thompson visit him and inform him that the plane subsequently flew to Sussex, England, where it crashed. Tintin and Snowy proceed to Sussex, but along the way, two criminals frame Tintin for robbery, and he is arrested by Thomson and Thompson; he escapes, but is pursued by the detectives. After arriving in England by ferry in Newhaven, Tintin and Snowy continue their journey in a blue taxi but they are ambushed. With the taxi driver knocked down by one of the criminals, Tintin is kidnapped by the criminals, who attempt to kill him over the cliffs of Seaford .


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