The Seven Dials Mystery . Agatha Christie . UB5112


The Seven Dials Mystery

Agatha Christie

First published : 1929


Used book , but looks almost new , no damage.

Pages: 282

Paper back edition

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The Seven Dials Mystery

In the last days of renting the estate Chimneys, Sir Oswald and Lady Coote host a party including Gerry Wade, Jimmy Thesiger, Ronny Devereux, Bill Eversleigh and Rupert “Pongo” Bateman, Sir Oswald’s secretary. Gerry Wade has a bad habit of oversleeping. The others plan a joke on Gerald by placing eight alarm clocks in his room and timing them to go off at intervals the next morning. The alarms are heard but Wade is not awake. A footman finds that he is dead in his bed, with chloral on his nightstand, a shocking event. Jimmy Thesiger and Ronny Devereux break the news to Loraine Wade, Gerry’s step-sister. At Chimneys, Jimmy notices that there are seven alarm clocks; one is missing. It is later found in a hedge.



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