Sons of Fortune . Jeffrey archer . UB5011


Sons of Fortune

Jeffrey archer

Publication Year: 2002

Jeffrey archerA bestselling British author and a former politician, Jeffrey Archer writes ‘edge-of-your-seat thriller and drama books.


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Pages: 608

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Sons of Fortune

Sons of Fortune is a novel about the lives of two men, Nat Cartwight and Fletcher Davenport. These two men are identical twins who were separated at birth, with Fletcher being switched to replace the deceased baby of the other woman.

Both men live similar lives, as they both go to rival private schools, and both run in school elections. Since both run for school president, they both get the aid of their best friends, who also help them as they both run against each other for the position of governor.

During university, Nat is called for duty in Vietnam. Fletcher is lucky enough to not be called for duty however. Before they run for governor, Nat becomes a banker, while Fletcher becomes a lawyer. They also both get married, and have families.




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