Purgatory – Wayland  (Prison Diaries . Book 2) . Jeffrey archer . UB5035


Purgatory – Wayland

(Prison Diaries . Book 2)

Publication Year: 2004

Jeffrey archer

Jeffrey archerA bestselling British author and a former politician, Jeffrey Archer writes ‘edge-of-your-seat thriller and drama books.


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Pages: 310

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Purgatory – Wayland

(Prison Diaries . Book 2)


After a few weeks in the hell of Belmarsh, Archer is moved to Wayland, a medium security prison as a temporary measure before he can reach the joys of an open prison. He finds the food at Wayland to be every bit as bad and some of the prisoners to be every bit as dangerous, though there were improved gym facilities and less time being locked up.

It’s the descriptions of how the wrongly incarcerated maintains a dignity that his upbringing, background, and personality could afford him, to remain curious, interested in his fellow prisoners (of course, as some kind of research project for his future books) the insistence on civility, and the discipline to write from 6 am to 8 am everyday and whenever he had time in the afternoon, some days 4 hours. And reading… amazing how well-stocked the prison library is. His goal to finish all of the Shakespearean plays then to the Sonnets is unimaginable.




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