Paths of Glory. Jeffrey archer. UB5014


Paths of Glory

Jeffrey archer

Publication Year: 2009

Jeffrey archerA bestselling British author and a former politician, Jeffrey Archer writes ‘edge-of-your-seat thriller and drama books.


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Paths of Glory

George Mallory loved climbing mountains and he had a lifelong dream of climbing to the summit of Mt. Everest – 29,002 ft. He also wanted to be the first man to do so. He promised his wife he would only attempt the climb once and if it wasn’t successful, he’d be content to let that “lover” go.

Funded by the Royal Geographic Society of Great Britain, the first expedition led by Mallory in 1921 wasn’t successful. A few years later, in 1924, he led another expedition determined to be successful this time. But, George Mallory and another climber didn’t return to camp as scheduled after leaving to make the last part of the climb to the summit. In fact, Mallory’s body wasn’t discovered until 1999. He died about 1500 ft. from the summit.

The question is, did he and the other climber die before making it to the “top of the world” or did they die after reaching the summit, but were unable to make it back to camp?




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