Origin (Robert Langdon Series -5) Dan Brown . UB5047



(Robert Langdon Series -5)

First Published: 2017

Dan Brown


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Pages: 544

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In ‘Origin’,Dan Brown focuses on the religion, the past, and the future  . In here the author gives the answers to the most basic and important questions which are;



Edmond Kirsch, a billionaire philanthropist, computer scientist, futurist, and strident atheist, attends a meeting in Catalonia (Spain) with Roman Catholic Bishop Antonio Valdespino, Jewish Rabbi Yehuda Köves, and Muslim Imam Syed al-Fadl, members of the Parliament of the World’s Religions. He informs them that he has made a revolutionary discovery that he plans to release to the public in a month. He has informed them out of respect, despite his hatred of organized religion, which he blames for his mother’s death. The three learn that he is presenting it in three days’ time, prompting Valdespino to demand that he stop.

Kirsch hosts an event at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. Among those in attendance are Kirsch’s former teacher, Robert Langdon, and the Guggenheim’s curator Ambra Vidal, the fiancée of the future King of Spain, Prince Julián. The guests receive a headset through which they communicate with a voice named Winston, which reveals to Langdon that it is an artificial intelligence invented by Kirsch. Winston leads Langdon to a private meeting with Kirsch, who claims that his presentation will reveal humanity’s origins and future.




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