Honour Among Thieves . Jeffrey archer . UB5008


Honour Among Thieves

Jeffrey archer

Publication Year: 1993

Jeffrey archerA bestselling British author and a former politician, Jeffrey Archer writes ‘edge-of-your-seat thriller and drama books.


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Pages: 416

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Honour Among Thieves

Set two years after the Gulf War and in the early days of the Clinton administration Saddam Hussein has unleashed a cunning plan to humiliate the United States.

The main theme is that shortly after Clinton replaces Bush, Saddam Hussein pays $100M to a mob-related group to steal the American Declaration of Independence.

A Yale professor (and our hero) Scott Bradley, gets his desire for a field assignment with the CIA to get it back. Thereafter, most of the action is in Iraq, and before it’s over Bradley teams up with an Israeli female spook (and falls in love while he’s at it!), as well as some other American diehards from the CIA, who build a complex plan to steal back the precious parchment and avoid Hussein’s planned humiliation of a Fourth of July burning on national TV. Does he succeed in time?





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