Hallowe’en Party  (Hercule Poirot novel) . Agatha Christie .  UB5083


Hallowe’en Party  (Hercule Poirot novel)

 Agatha Christie

First published : 1969


Used book , but looks almost new , no damage.

Pages: 256

Paper back edition

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Hercule Poirot is a fictional Belgian detective created by Agatha Christie. Poirot is one of Christie’s most famous and long-running characters, appearing in 33 novels, and more than 50 short stories published between 1920 and 1975.


Hallowe’en Party

At a Hallowe’en party held at Rowena Drake’s home in Woodleigh Common, thirteen-year-old Joyce Reynolds tells everyone attending she had once seen a murder, but had not realised it was one until later. When the party ends, Joyce is found dead, having been drowned in an apple-bobbing tub. Ariadne Oliver, attending the party while visiting her friend Judith Butler, calls on Hercule Poirot to investigate the murder and Joyce’s claim.




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