Fools Die . Mario Puzo . UB5183


Fools Die

Mario Puzo


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Pages: 544

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Fools Die

First Published: 1978

Fools Die starts in Las Vegas, where a group of close friends, including John Merlyn, Cully Cross, and Jordan Hawley, spend several weeks gambling at the Hotel Xanadu. None of these now close friends have met before meeting in Vegas, and indeed they are not long term friends, but simply people who for their own personal reasons have decided to stay in the hotel to gamble. The intro has adventures both gambling and womanizing in Vegas. One night, after a huge $500,000 baccarat and craps win, a depressed Jordan kills himself in his hotel room. Jordan’s suicide was in spite of tying a dramatic winner take all $500,000 hand of baccarat, betting against the casino’s owner, Alfred Gronevelt. After Jordan’s death, Merlyn returns to his family in New York City and continues his life. Cully Cross decides to stay in Las Vegas permanently, and through his prowess as a gambler and a hustler, he has caught the eye of Alfred Gronevelt, the Xanadu Hotel owner. Gronevelt eventually recruits Cully as a key employee, and as time goes on, he grooms Cully as his second in command…



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