Asterix and the Goths


Asterix and the Goths



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The Adventures of Asterix is a comic book series about Gaulish warriors, (especially the two heroes of the adventure , Asterix and his friend obelix),who fight the Roman Republic, with their magic potion, during the era of Julius Caesar.

Written by René Goscinny and illustrated by Albert Uderzo . (In 2013, a new team consisting of Jean-Yves Ferri (script) and Didier Conrad (artwork) took over.)

As of 2021, 39 volumes have been released, with the most recent released in October 2021.


Asterix and the Goths

First published:1961

Asterix and Obelix, nervous about Getafix traveling alone to the annual druids’ conference in the Forest of the Carnutes, accompany him on his journey and remain outside the forest during the conference. Meanwhile, on the Roman Empire’s border, two legionaries are captured by a band of Goths intending to kidnap the Druid of the Year and use his skills to conquer Gaul and Rome.


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