663. The Story of a Monkey on a Stick – Laura Lee Hope


The Story of a Monkey on a Stick 

Laura Lee Hope


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The Story of a Monkey on a Stick 

Excerpt :


The Monkey on a Stick opened his eyes and looked around. That is he tried to look around; but all he could see, on all sides of him, was pasteboard box. He was lying on his back, with his hands and feet clasped around the stick, up which he had climbed so often.

“Well, this is very strange,” said the Monkey on a Stick, as he rubbed his nose with one hand, “very strange indeed! Why should I wake up here, when last night I went to sleep in the toy store? I can’t understand this at all!”

Once more he looked about him. He surely was inside a pasteboard box. He could see the cover of it over his head as he lay on his back, and he could see one side of the box toward his left hand, while another side of the box was at his right hand.

“And,” said the Monkey on a Stick, speaking to himself, as he often did, “I suppose the bottom of the pasteboard box is under me. I must be lying on that.”

He unclasped the toes of his left foot from the stick and banged his foot down two or three times.

“Yes, there’s pasteboard all around me,” said the Monkey. “This surely is very strange! I wonder if the Calico Clown has been up to any of his tricks? Maybe he thinks I’m a riddle, and he’s going to tell it to the Elephant from the Noah’s Ark, or else make a joke of me to the Jumping Jack. I haven’t been shut up in a box before—not since the time Santa Claus brought me from his workshop at the North Pole. I wonder what this means?”

The Monkey raised his head and banged it on the box cover.



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