652. Five Little Starrs in the Canadian Forest – Lillian Elizabeth Roy


Five Little Starrs in the Canadian Forest 

Lillian Elizabeth Roy


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Five Little Starrs in the Canadian Forest 

Excerpt :


“DADDUM, are we ‘most there?” asked Dorothy Starr, impatiently, as the uncomfortable local train creaked over its uneven tracks through dense forests in Western Ontario.

“Almost, Dot—have a little more patience and soon you will be able to exercise those active little legs,” returned Mr. Starr, as he consulted his watch.

“Guess we’ll all be glad to exercise after this awful smoky, crampy ride,” grumbled Donald, Dot’s twin brother.

“Our winter in the lumber camp will have to be mighty fine to make us forget this outlandish trip ever since we left Grand Forks,” declared Meredith Starr, the oldest boy.

“We have one consolation, Mete, and that is, we don’t have to travel home in the Spring by the same route,” laughed his sister Lavinia.

“Well, children, you all have had some remark to make about the discomforts of this car and the dreadful condition of the tracks, but it is far better than riding in a springless lumber wagon for the same distance,” commented Mrs. Starr, shifting the baby’s sleepy head from her shoulder to her knees.

“We’d never have come if Daddum knew we had to travel that way!” exclaimed Don.

“No, but Daddum had to travel that way, and on horseback, years ago, before this track was laid,” replied Mrs. Starr.

“Did you, Daddum? Oh, do tell us about it!” cried the restless children, as they crowded into the seat beside their father.

“It isn’t an exciting tale, but it is very appropriate at this time,” replied Mr. Starr, smiling at the eager faces. “I was a very young man then. I didn’t find out until I returned to New York after that trip what a prize your mother was.”

“Oh, how does Mumzie know about the trip, then?” asked Dot.

“Because I have often told her how that trip decided for me my future business life,” replied Mr. Starr.





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