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Excerpt :

“When will it be time to go, Mother?” asked Janet Martin, as she swung to and fro on the front gate.

“Pretty soon,” was the answer from Mrs. Martin, who was sitting on the shady porch.

“How long is pretty soon?” Ted Martin wanted to know. He was throwing stones at the fence, trying to send them through a knot hole. And it wasn’t easy, he found. Though he had tossed many pebbles, not one had Ted sent through the hole.

“Pretty soon isn’t very long,” replied Mrs. Martin, with a smile. “As soon as Daddy comes we shall start.”

“I’m going out in the street to see if he’s coming,” announced Janet, bouncing down from the gate.

“No, dear! I’d rather you wouldn’t,” called Mrs. Martin. “There are so many autos in the street now, going to the circus parade, you might get hurt. Stay here, Jan!”

“Oh, I’ll not go into the street!” answered the little girl. “I’ll just go on the sidewalk so I can look down and see if Daddy is coming! I’ll be careful!”

“I’ll go with her,” offered Teddy, who was a year older than his sister. “I’ll take care of her,” he added, looking toward his mother.

“That’s a good boy, Ted,” she told him.

But Janet did not seem much impressed.

“Pooh!” she exclaimed. “You don’t need to take care of me, Teddy Martin! I can take care of myself!”

“Oh, Janet! That wasn’t kind, when Teddy offered to watch you,” chided her mother. “You shouldn’t have said that.”

“Well, Teddy can look after himself,” said Janet, with a little shake of her head which sent her ringlets of hair flying into and out of her eyes. “And I’ll look after myself,” she added. “Course, I didn’t want to be impolite,” she continued. “But——”

“I’m older’n you are, and I have a right to watch out so you don’t get hit by an auto!” declared Teddy.

“Pooh! You can’t even watch out for yourself!” giggled Janet. “You fell into the brook last week; that’s what you did!”

“Well, my foot slipped,” explained Teddy. “And if I hadn’t fallen in first you would, ’cause you were walking along the same path. Only when you saw me go in, you jumped back.”

“Oh, all right! I don’t care!” and Janet gave herself a little fling as she went out of the gate. “I’m going to look for Daddy. You can come if you want to,” she added to her brother.

“Huh! She thinks she’s smart,” mumbled Teddy, as he ran his hand through the mass of tangled, golden curls on his head, to get some of them out of his eyes so he could see better.

Janet and Teddy each had beautiful curly hair, and that is how they came to be given the name of “Curlytops,” by which they were called more often than by their real names.

“Now, children, be pleasant and kind to each other,” begged Mrs. Martin, as the two went out on the sidewalk. “This is a holiday, and you don’t want to spoil it by being cross.”




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